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  • Using funds from Inman's fall fundraiser, classroom teachers were able to purchase items to help them create flexible seating in their classroom.  Teachers were given $100 to spend on alternative seating of their choice for their classroom. Teachers ordered items such as stools, couches, exercise balls, small tables, carpets, and mats.

                Flexible Seating  Flexible Seating


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  • Electives at Inman


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  • Sixty five students from Inman Intermediate earned an invitation to the Mark Twain Awards voting party.  In order to qualify, the fifth and sixth graders read at least 4 out of the 12 award nominee books that had been selected this year by  the Missouri School Library Association.  Inman students were treated to a pizza lunch, prizes and the opportunity to vote on their favorite awards books.

    Mark Twain  Mark Twain


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  • Sixth grade ALERT students at Inman explored the past as they prepared for History Day. They researched a historical topic of their choice that related to the theme, Taking a Stand. They shared their research through documentaries, exhibits, and websites at the regional History Day contest at MSU on February 24. Several students placed and will be advancing to the state competition in Columbia in April.

    History Day  

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  • 6th-graders at Inman have been researching a topic of their choice and writing an argumentative paper and now would like the opportunity to have a debate.  High school debate students came to Inman to help out with this transition.  They held a debate and then shared more detailed information about the importance of research and the process of a debate. 



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  • Thank you Sound Connection for your help in getting 12 guitars donated to Inman to be used for the guitar elective class next year!  Sound Connection contacted guitar dealers and Takamine Guitars donated two guitars, Dean Guitars donated four, and Peavy donated six.  



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  • Tammy Elliott's 5th-graders researched a planet and created an alien that came from that planet.  They organized their information into a passport. The students rotated to tables set up for each planet to gather information. After they're finished touring the planets, they will compare the other planets to features on Earth. 

              Alien Creation   Alien Creation


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  • Students in Kelly Carney's ALERT class painted Egyptian portrait masks and canopic jars while learning about ancient Egypt.

               Egytian mask   Egyptian mask


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  • Sixteen Inman 6th Graders were selected as members of the SCMMEA District Honor Choir held at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar. They were able to sing with 300 other 5th and 6th graders from the South Central District. They made both Inman and Nixa proud!

    SCMMEA District Honor Choir


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  • Deanna Perry's 5th-graders proposed solutions to water quality problems by creating a digital poster using Canva.


         Water Quality Poster     Water Quality Posters   


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  • Ms. Dunlap's 6th graders created models of the geosphere.  Students used a variety of materials to create their models. One student made her model out of Rice Krispies and another chose a pineapple.  

    Geosphere Models


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  • Kristen Joplin's 5th-graders are currently writing an opinion piece about if they would rather be patriot or a loyalist during the Revolutionary War. Students are using their Chromebooks to help them research both sides to assist them in making their decision and supporting their opinion. 

    Patriots vs. Loyalists


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  • Emily Chastain's fifth graders used Screencastify to record their screen and voice to show the steps of solving a long division problem. They then shared this with their parents on Seesaw. 

    Click here to see a student example. 



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  • 6th-graders are making websites to showcase charities they have created as a way to combine language arts and social studies. 

     Charity Website  Checklist


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  • Students in Mrs. Ashley's class at Inman created commercials during their persuasive writing unit. Each group chose a mode of persuasion to convince their audience to purchase a certain product.  

    Making Commercials


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  • Mr. Snowden's class at Inman participated in two different Google Hangouts to help them learn more about different climates around the world. One was with a person who lives in Hong Kong and the other lives in Santiago. 



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  • Students at Inman Library Media Classes are learning in depth about cyber safety, gaming, posting texts and pictures online, various apps and the dangers of sharing too much information with strangers. Common Sense is utilized to enhance the lessons by having students earn a Digital Passport by gaining levels of knowledge in web safety. Students will complete the unit by creating an informational poster describing some of the things they learned during their studies in regards to web safety.


    Cyber Safety


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  • 6th grade students in Emily Myers' class at Inman had the opportunity through a project they did in class to make a difference at Inman.  This group of students chose to work on cleaning up the playground and making it more safe. They got Nixa Hardware to donate two trash cans to keep on the playground and plan on picking up trash when outside during recess.  


    Trash cans


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