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  • World Down Syndrome Awareness Day

    Summit Intermediate participated in World Down Syndrome Awareness day by wearing crazy socks today.  Students and teachers wore lots of crazy looking foot wear to recognize this day!

    crazy socks for Down syndrome awareness

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  • PBIS Eagle's Nest Day

    Summit students in classrooms that had achieved their third quarter Eagle's Nest reward got to participate in noodle hockey today.  Classrooms work each quarter to earn stars for appropriate behavior in mutliple areas throughout the building.  Classrooms that meet the quarterly goal get to participate in the Eagle's Nest reward.

    Eagle's nest


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  • Canine Officer Visits Summit

    Cpl. Clark with the Nixa Police Department visited students at Summit Intermediate with his partner, canine officer Janni.  Cpl. Clark explained the process of how Janni was trained and became a part of the Nixa PD.  Officer Janni was then brought in and did a mock search, so students could see how she searches for drugs and indicates to the human officer when she has found some.  The students thought it was very interesting to watch her work. Thank you to School Police Officer Jason Hartsell for arranging the visit.

    canine officer


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  • Summit Staff Treated to Hurt's Donuts

    Summit teachers were treated to Hurt's donuts by their administrators this morning.  The principals wanted to show their appreciation for the hardwork and dedication of the awesome teaching staff that blesses Summit students each day.  Summit is very fortunate to have such a tremendous staff!


    Hurt's donuts Hurt's donuts


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  • Working with polygons

    Students in Taylor Bacon's fourth grade class are working with polygons to form right angles. Then, they will try to determine how many degrees each angle is that adds up to the 90 degrees of a right angle

    polygons   polygons


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  • Broderick's students study civil rights movement

    Throughout the past couple of weeks, Mr. Broderick's ELA classes have been studying the major events that both lead up to, and occurred during the Civil Rights Movement. Accessing prior background knowledge, students had studied the U.S. Civil War several months prior, developing an understanding of slavery, inequality, and racial segregation. 

    The unit began with a mentor text found on Freedom Flix, a Scholastic Reading resource that includes nonfiction books about events centering around liberty. Upon completion of this unit, students were assigned to choose eight significant events that occurred during the movement, summarize the details of that event, and explain why that event was influential to changes being made. Once the summaries were completed, students used an interactive map-making program developed by National Geographic, to show the geographical locations of where these major events took place. 
    From landmark court cases such as Brown v. Board of Education and Plessy v. Ferguson, to the Greensboro Sit-ins representing the advantages of peaceful protest, these 6th grade students were able to analyze a significant moment in history that has helped transform and shape the United States to this day. 

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  • Little Theater - Beauty and the Beast

    Summit 5th graders had a great trip to the Springfield Little Theater where they enjoyed a presentation of Disney's Beauty and the Beast.  Students had a great experience being exposed to live theater and enjoying a special activity away from school.  

    5th graders at Beauty and the Beast


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  • Famous MO Living History

    Fourth grade students at Summit Intermediate have been working on a long term project to study a famous Missourian.  As a culmination of this project the students put on a living history museum.  The students dressed as their character and prepared a speech about who they were.  Parents were then invited to tour the living museum and visit with students as their famous Missourian.  The students had a great time doing this and sharing what they had learned.

    famous missourian living history collage


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  • Spring Spirit Week

    Summit Intermediate celebrated a spring spirit week in preparation for our Campout Book Fair.  The students dressed in camouflage, summer camping gear, and lumberjack outfits on different days. Students always have a great time expressing their creativity with these special themed days during the year.  

    Don't forget to visit our bookfair this week!

    Spring Spirit Week


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    5th graders at Summit Intermediate have completed the DARE program recently. A graduation ceremony was held for the students on Thursday, Feb. 16.  The students received certificates and a goody bag of items.  At the graduation the winning essay student was announced.  Following graduation the students were taken on a field trip to the B&B Theater.
    Collage of DARE Graduation
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  • Valentine's Parties

    Summit celebrated Valentine's Parties last week.  Students were treated to a great time by our fabulous PTA, who provided inflatables, movies, face painting, and treats.  
    collage of valentine's party
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  • Bookfair hours and spirit week

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  • Dichotomous Keys

    Tana Libby's fifth graders are studying Dichotomous Keys and how to classify items. We used a collection of 10 superheroes and sorted them by criteria of their choice. They then created their own dichotomous keys based on those criteria. It was hilarious and so fun. Things like alien or humsn, cape or mask...
    Dichotomous Keys     Dichotomous Keys

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  • Pratt's class day of caring

    As part of the PBiS program at Summit Intermediate the students earn class stars for demonstrating appropriate behavior throughout the building.  As a step reward on the way to earning 100 stars, Traci Pratt's fourth graders chose to do a day of caring for others, rather than just a reward for themselves.  The students found lots of projects in the building to help with sprucing things up.  Students did things from washing tables after lunches to cleaning the walls of the hallway.  

    Pratt's class day of caring


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  • Adopt a class - Chick-fil-A

    Jenna Harmison's fifth grade classroom is adopted by Chick-fil-A.  A representative of Chick-fil-A came to her class today to teach a lesson on trustworthiness. We set up an obstacle course for students to guide one another through.  One student was blindfolded, while a parnter led them through the course. The students were able to discuss and share their ideas from this activity. They also provided students with a fruit cup as a reward for all their hard work! 

    Adopt a class - Chick-fil-A    Adopt a class - Chick-fil-A


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  • Plot Raps

    Meredith Carrisalez' 5th grade class created raps for the plot of the stories they are reading.  A new creative way to teach material that needs to be covered repetitively.  Click on the link below to view one of the plot raps.

    Plot raps from Carrisalez



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  • Hunt's students use real world problems to solve fractions!

    Connie Hunt's sixth graders are learning to multiply mixed numbers. Students measure to the nearest 1/8 inch to figure the volume of the box. But what if the box was only 1/3 or even 7/8 full? Using real world examples to get the students to understand why they are learning material always makes the learning more fun!

    Hunt's students use real world problems to solve fractions!     Hunt's students use real world problems to solve fractions!



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  • Waltz class "hangsout" with Australian native

    On Thursday, 2/2, Lori Waltz, 6th grade teacher,  invited her friend, Wendy Gerakios, a native Australian, to speak to her classes about life in Australia!  There is a 17 hour time difference.  We used Google Hangout to interview Mrs. Gerakios.  Our Thursday at 1:30 p.m.was her 6:30 a.m. Friday.  We are studying seasonal differences in science, and we are also researching continents along with the five themes of geography in social studies.

    Waltz class "hangsout" with Australian native

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  • Summit Math Club

    Summit's math club traveled to SBU-Bolivar Saturday, January 21st.  All 18 of our participants qualified to advance to the regional math competition April 1st!

    The members of the Math Club include:

    4th Graders:

    5th Graders:

    6th Graders:

    Maxx P

    Sierra B

    Kaden K

    Brice H

    Mingjun F

    Colin C

    Kyle G

    Levi C

    Jay R

    Hallie B

    Timmy W

    Lauren T


    Angela L

    Ashlyn O


    Delanie G

    Cooper M


    Ben M

    Lexie E


    Gavin W

    Audrey D


    Michael T (not pictured)

    Daylon H


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  • Bacon Using Balance Scales

    Taylor Bacon's 4th grade students use balance scales in the science lab. They were learning how to measure mass and were measuring items from their desk and recording what they found.

     bacon     bacon


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  • White's PBiS incentive

    Cami White's fourth grade class at Summit Intermediate has begun to create some intermediate incentives to go along with the building wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBiS) program.  Students have a goal of earning 100 stars a quarter from different areas/teachers throughout the building.  White's fourth graders have developed an incentive system where they earn small rewards as they progress to the 100 stars.  Having earned 25 stars already this quarter they had a class reward of a beach day.  Students dressed in beach wear, brought in beach towels to sit on, and are doing beach themed activities throughout the day. Great fun, while not interrupting the learning taking place and an incentive to manage personal behavior!





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  • Solar System Foldables

    Students in Jenna Harmison's fifth grade classes are exploring the solar system. Each team is working in small groups to read and follow along with their foldable located in their science notebook. Learning new things everyday!


    solar system     solar system



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  • MLK Day Dreams

    Students in Cristin Hartman's class were asked to reflect and briefly write down their dreams for the world and humanity after researching Martin Luther King, Jr.  Students are also working on an explanatory writing to share the findings of their research.




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  • MLK Jr. Day Observance

    Students at Summit Intermediate were asked to think on the quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. "When you close your eyes and think of peace what do you see?"  The students then wrote on post-it notes how they would answer the question and they are all displayed together on some front entrance windows.  Visit Summit to read all the amazing answers from the students.



    mlk   mlk    mlk



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  • Separating Mixtures

    Students in Tammy Myers fourth grade classroom have been studying mixtures as part of their science curriculum.  Students used filters to put mixtures through and separate the different compounds.


     mixtures     mixtures     mixtures



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  • Oreo Moon Phases

    Students in Jenna Harmison's fifth grade classroom at Summit are studying the moon phases.  It is always great to have fun ways to learn and develop an understanding of a difficult concept.  Students used oreos that they opened and then removed portions of the icing to create the different phases of the moon.


    moon     moon




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  • Author Skyping!

    Mrs. Meyer and Mrs. Waltz's 6th graders from Summit Intermediate Skyped with Newberry Honor-Winning Author Kirby Larson. One of Mrs. Meyer's students, Micaiah Dinwiddie, reached out to Kirby Larson and asked if her class could Skype them. Kirby was so thrilled to have a student reach out to her that she was more than willing to Skype! Both classes created questions that they wanted to ask Mrs. Larson about her books, life, writing career, etc. Kirby was so willing to answer any and all questions the students had prepared for her. To effectively Skype Kirby they used the new Interactive TV, so Kirby could see all the students! The Interactive TV worked wonders to help with this Skype session! Mrs. Meyer is reading one of Kirby's books, Liberty, as a read aloud for both classes.

     skype      skype


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  • 5th grade students at Summit recently completed a unit of study in science about weather.  Students researched a historic weather event.   When researching, students began to understand a front system, clouds and the water cycle.  Students then used this knowledge to write a script for a weather report and filmed themselves giving their report.




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  • Tana Libby's 5th grade class got several beanbags at the beginning of the year to promote alternative seating in her class.  The beanbags have lost much of their stuffing and have become rather flat.  The students are actively participating in "reuse" by bringing in Wal-mart bags and plastic bags from other stores to restuff their beanbags.  The class would love more donations of bags to use as stuffing!


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  • Lori Waltz and Jack Tremain's sixth grade classrooms are "adopted" by the Christian County Ambulance Service.  Members of the ambulance service team came and visitied with students today about their jobs and also brought some practice dummies for the kids to use.  The students were taught how to do hands-only CPR and then got to actually practice use the dummies.


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  • Students in Camille Springer's sixth grade class sent letters to author Jordan Sonnenblick after reading his book Drums, Girls, and Danerous Pie. The students received an email and a video response from the author thanking them for reading his book.  How exciting for the students!


    Sonnenblick video



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    During Summit Intermediate's annual Christmas assembly, Sharon Whitehill came as a representative of the Nixa Community Foundation and presented two grants to teachers.  Camille Springer and Emily Kellis, 6h grade teachers, each received grants to fund field trips for our students.  The students have already gone on one of the trips, participating in the Children's Literature Festival and getting to hear many authors share about the writing process.  There will be another field trip in the spring also.

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    Summit Intermediate held our annual Faculty & Staff Christmas Assembly on Thursday, Dec. 22.  Students were treated to several skits and fun presentations by the members of the Summit staff.  The students always have a great time watching the teachers perform skilled skits and many just for fun!
    assembly    assembly     assembly

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  • Summit Intermediate students and staff enjoyed participating in scatterball, a modified version of dodgeball.  This was one of the quarterly rewards for classrooms that achieve their class goals for Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS).  Students work together as a class to earn positive remarks from various areas of the school building and staff.  When classes earn enough they earn the ability to participate in the quarterly reward.  We are very excited that every class was able to participate in the scatterball games for having achieved their goals!


    scatterball     scatterbal


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  • Students on the Leadership Council for Summit Intermediate tried to spread a little Christmas cheer to residents of a local nursing home.  Students made Christmas cards and then visited with residents of a nursing home, giving out the cards they had made.  The residents were very appreciative and seemed to really enjoy the visit by the students.


    leadership     leadership



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  •  Yearbooks are on sale NOW!

    Get your copy at:

     Welcome to Summit Intermediate

    890 N.Cheyenne Rd. Nixa, MO 65714

    Book Fair Setup and Teacher Preview Food
    Working during the Book Fair



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  • Christmas

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  • Taylor Bacon's fourth grade classroom held their annual class store event.  Mrs. Bacon teaches economics embedded through all of her daily class activities.  Students have class jobs that they get paid for and they also earn "Bacon Bucks" completing daily assignments and tasks.  At the end of each semester students create a "store" and then are allowed to use their "Bacon Bucks" to purchase items from their fellow student's stores.


    bacon store      bacon class store

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  • Summit Intermediate participated in the Showboxes for Soldiers drive sponsored by 105.1 The Bull radio station.  Students donated items to fill the boxes and brought in enough to fill almost 50 boxes to be sent to soldiers stationed overseas.  This was an awesome community project and our students met the challenge amazingly!  We certainly hope these boxes lift the spirits of many soldiers while they are away from their family serving our country.shoeboxes


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  • Members of the Nixa School Board and Executive Cabinet toured Summit Intermediate today to catch a glimpse of what students are learning. They stopped by the school's new PBiS Eagle Arcade and experienced what students get to do when they are caught doing the right things and showing good character. #summitstrong #1school1community
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  • cow
    Chick-fil-A came to visit Jenna Harmison's 5th grade class as part of  the Chamber of Commerce adopt a class program. They spoke with the students regarding reading emotions and taking initiative on helping a friend. 
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  • Rolland Smith
    Summit Intermediate students participated in a skype call with author Roland Smith along with JTSD and Inman students.  Smith is the author of many popular books with middle grade students.  He was a very gracious speaker and shared many tips about the writing process and how he creates his books.

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