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    The Big Bot Theory is the competitive Lego Robotics team at JTSD. It is for students in grades 5-6 who are really interested in competitive robotics programming and design. We participate in the FIRST® Lego® League. The costs associated with competitive Lego robotics is very expensive. We are seeking corporate sponsorship, but some fundraising may be required.




    Participation in The Big Bot Theory is a serious commitment. The involvement required is comparable to the competitive sport commitment at the junior high level than it is a club at the elementary level. There are weekly commitments during the build season as well as travel to tournaments. Parents are expected to be involved in some aspects of the team. 


    Number of Students


    We will have two competitive robotics teams at JTSD. Each team is comprised of 6 students each. Five of the students will come from JTSD. One of the student slots is reserved for a student from the Junior High. 




    This will be a year-long club. We will meet 1-2 times per week during the build season (Fall) and then meet for competitions or community outreach events (Fall and Spring). 




    Families are responsible for uniform purchase and screen printing. We are applying for corporate sponsorship. If we do not get enough travel costs will also be covered by parents/guardians. Scholarships are available for families who cannot afford the cost. Families can apply for a scholarship by contacting Chris Wilson ( or Alison Vernon ( We have two uniforms:


    Uniform #1


      • Button down, white collared shirt
      • Suspenders
      • Bow Tie


    Uniform #2


      • Colored t-shirt

    We will also be asking parents to provide snacks at events and practices and we may ask students to participate in some fundraising if we do not receive enough corporate sponsorship. 


    Community Service


    Outreach and service learning are integral parts of the FIRST® Lego® League competitions. Not only do we compete in robotics programming, but we are offered a community problem to solve, and are also judged on our service to the community. 


    How Do We Apply?


    Students are required to fill out an application. In addition to an application, students must get three character references. All of this must be submitted by the deadline. Please see our calendar for official dates. We prefer you to fill out electronic forms. The links are below as well as on our club homepage. However, paper forms are available for those who request one.



    In addition to an application and character references, students will be expected to try-out for the team. Students are not expected to know how to program a robot, of course. Do not worry. What we are assessing is a student's ability to:


    • Problem solve
    • Deal with new situations
    • Work individually
    • Work with a team
    • Handle time constraints