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  • JH Yoga Mats

    Nixa Junior High is seeking yoga mats. Contact Sarah Brockmeier with questions at

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  • High Pointe Elementary Student Leadership Team

    High Pointe Elementary students would like to collect donations for purchasing character t-shirts for students.

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  • Therapy Dog at Century Elementary

    Please join us in gaining the funds necessary for the FIRST school-wide therapy dog in Nixa Public Schools at Century Elementary! The dog will be used to encourage, educate, and bring a peaceful presence to every student at Century Elementary.

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  • Mathews Landscaping Project

    The money raised will be used for a class project of putting landscaping and flower beds/bushes in front of the FEMA shelter.

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  • Super Mileage Challenge (Engineering Club)

    Vanessa Washburn's high school class is needing assistance with their Super Mileage Challenge project. The class is needing donations of two identical metal bike frames and a small 1 cylinder engine (ideally a 4-stroke scooter engine). They also need help with welding and building the body, molding lightweight plastic for a windshield, miscellaneous parts, travel expenses, and help with all areas of assembly.

    If you can help with any of these items, contact

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  • Nixa High School Photography Equipment

    The Nixa High School photography classes are in need of 35mm SLR (manual) film camera equipment. If you have any you'd like to donate, contact

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  • Ms. Libby Alternative Seating

    Be a part of shaping the future. Please consider helping us meet our goal of aiding Ms. Libby's Leaders get the most out of their education. Studies have shown students learn better when they feel comfortable.

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  • The Crew Meetings

    The Crew meets twice a month learn basic cooking skills, build relationships, chatting with mentors and positive role models, beauty tips, volunteering, play games and activities, and have an amazing time! The money raised will help in preparing and feeding 60+ students!

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  • Mathews Elementary Music

    Mathews Elementary Music Department is needing to replace broken and out of tune instruments to improve music learning for all Mathews Elementary students.

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  • Nixa Junior High Pottery Kiln

    Nixa Junior High art department is raising funds for a new pottery kiln to be used in their class.

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  • High Pointe Collaboration Space Supplies

    The new learning lab at High Pointe would like to purchase manipulatives and hands on activities.

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  • Young Adult Book Donation

    Clayton Taff at Nixa Junior High is asking for new or slightly used young adult books for his classroom. To donate, contact

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  • Nixa Junior High Garden Club

    The Nixa Junior High Garden Club is needing donations of garden tools, hoses, sprinkling cans, seed, topsoil, and compost. Contact to make a donation of product.

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