Thank you for your desire to distribute flyers to our students and staff. Below are steps for you to follow in order to make this happen (as long as you meet district guidelines based on board policy).

    • We have now gone completely online for all outside groups wishing to get flyers to our students.
    • To load your flyer, go to www.nixacommunication.net and look for Distribution of Flyers. That page will have all the details and the link to load
      your flyer.
    • If you have any questions, please contact quicknews@nixaschools.net or by phone at 417-724-6216.

    Before you make your request for distribution or posting, please read through the following information:

    1. Only non-profits are able to post flyers on for students. You will need to prove your non-profit status when you submit your flyer. If you operate as one or are in the process of setting up your organization as a non-profit, note that when you are loading your flyer in the non-profit number blank.
    2. No flyers will be left in schools from outside groups. All must be posted online and must meet the standards of #1.
    3. Non-profits who qualify to have their information available to students will have their flyer posted online. No annoucements will be made by the school that the information is there. Information must be for students and not violate any advertising guidelines.
    4. We will not distribute directly to students unless you meet the criteria outlined in school board policy KI, which limits us to distribution of district-sponored events or programs and organizations like PTA, Nixa Education Foundation, or booster clubs. Other organizations that meet the same criteria will have that as an option.
    5. Businesses have the opportunity to leave information for staff. All flyers must be brought to Faught Administration Center and left with Zac Rantz. They will then be sent to the schools for staff members.
    6. Businesses can sponsor an event if they wish to have their business promoted directly to students or staff. Sponsorship information can be obtained at www.nixacommunication.net.
    7. All information for students or staff must have a statement similar to “Nixa Public Schools does not support or endorse this information” on it. This applies to businesses and non-profits.

    To submit a flyer: https://forms.gle/EozwaXfK1xiJJKDB7

    If you have any questions, contact Zac Rantz at 417-724-6215 or email quicknews@nixaschools.net