• Special Services Staff Members

    Karen McKnight, Executive Director of Special Services

    Dr. Ashley Copley, Assistant Director of Special Services

    Brittany Neely, Program Assistant 

    Carrie Gallo, Director Assistant

    Leslie Husk, Process Coordinator - High Pointe Elementary and John Thomas School of Discovery

    Wendi Watson, Process Coordinator - Mathews Elementary and Century Elementary

    Sharon Chronister, Process Coordinator, Early Childhood

    Chris Oller, Process Coordinator, High School

    Michelle Miller, Process Coordinator, Junior High School 

    Noelle Mackey, Process Coordinator, Summit Intermediate

    Kallie Beebe, Process Coordinator/Transition Coordinator, High School

    Corbyn Bartels, Process Coordinator, Espy Elementary and Inman Intermediate 

    Kelly Finley-Miller, Process Coordinator - Virtual 

    Amanda Ford, School Psychologist 

    Pat Sutherland, 504 Coordinator