Grade Level: 10                    No. Semesters: 2

    Fee: None                             Credit: 1-English


    Prerequisites: "Advanced" or "Proficient" score on the Communication Arts MAP test and minimum of 80% in both semesters of Honors English I or minimum of 95% in both semesters of English I with a qualifying placement test score. Students must maintain at least an 80% average to remain in this course 2nd semester.


    Honors English II provides a more challenging curriculum for academically advanced students who are self-directed and reflective learners. Students will study literature, informational texts, vocabulary, composition, grammar, and research. Reading and writing units focus on critical thinking and literary analysis in addition to reading comprehension, literary techniques, and literary elements.  Students will improve their composition and research skills with a focus on critical thinking, mechanics, writing style, and documentation (MLA format).  Students will take the EOC exam.


    NCAA Approved Course