Grade Level: 11-12                  No. Semesters: 2

    College Est Fee: $300            Credit: 1-Math


    Prerequisites: B or better in Algebra II

    For dual credit in this course, students must have scored at least a 22 on the math portion of the ACT or pass the placement test provided by the university of dual credit.


    This course will be more rigorous than its prerequisites. Algebra skills will be reviewed and strengthened. Other topics taught will include functions such as polynomial, exponential, rational, and logarithms along with their graphs, systems of equations and inequalities, sequences, series, linear programming, conic sections, complex roots of polynomials, matrices, and decomposition of functions.  Students may take the class for college credit as a dual credit course, however all students enrolled will take the university mid-term and final. No finals exemptions allowed.


    The student's college transcript will state Pre-Calculus I as the course completed. 


    NCAA Approved Course