Grade Level: 9                  No. Semesters: 2

    Fee: None                        Credit: 1-Science


    Prerequisites: Minimum 80% in both semesters of 8th grade Honors Science or minimum of 95% in both semesters of 8th grade science and these students must take placement test and make satisfactory score. Students must maintain at least an 80% average to remain in this course 2nd semester.


    Honors physical science is an advanced first year course for high school freshmen. Emphasizes advanced application and science skills needed to understand the physical worlds we live in. Students will utilize technology, laboratory activities, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills to enhance understanding and application of scientific reasoning. This course is one semester of physics and one semester of chemistry. Students will learn the basic concepts of Newton’s laws, energy, light, structure of matter, chemical equations, etc. Enrolled students will be required to complete at least one research project or paper that may be entered into a science competition. Extensive independent research and preparation will be expected of all students enrolled in this course. Students must pass Physical Science/Honors Physical Science to take any additional science courses. Required for graduation.


    NCAA Approved Course