Grade Level: 11-12                  No. Semesters: 2

    College Est Fee: $280              Credit: 1-Science


    Prerequisites: “C” average in Biology I and/or teacher recommendation


    This class is an introduction to concepts and techniques related to human anatomy, physiology, genetics, cellular and molecular biology.  It is recommended for students interested in pre-professional programs and Allied Health careers.  This class is designed to give all students a solid foundation on which to build in upper-level BMS classes.  This class also fulfills the General Education requirement for the Life Sciences.  The first quarter is an in-depth review of Biology I material covering topics such as: biochemistry, molecular biology and cell biology.  Other topics such as developmental biology, organismal biology (including major body systems), and medical biology will comprise the rest of the curriculum for this course.  This course is not typically accepted as a science major credit for college but is accepted as an elective.  May be taken for college credit through Missouri State University (BMS 110/111)


    NCAA Approved Course