• DC DRAWING 220 - (Repeatable)


    Grade Level: 10-12                No. Semesters: 2

    Fee: $30                                Credit: 1-Fine Arts

    College Est. Fee: $210


    Prerequisites: “C” average in Art Foundations.  Students may fulfill the Art Foundations prerequisite for advanced art classes with two years of junior high art and permission from current NJH art teacher.


    This course is designed to develop basic skills in making art, critcism of art, and analysis of art forms.  Emphasis will be placed on techniques used in drawing, such as spatial relationships, negative space, value, and color theory.  Students will be introduced to a variety of media, techniques, and subject matters.  The student will draw from observation as well as manipulation and creativity. 


    When Repeating:

    Students will move on to the next level of Drawing (Drawing II, then Drawing III).  Curriculum and projects are completely different using a higher level of technique and thinking. 

    Dual Credit:  Senior students may enroll for dual credit through MSU for college credit.