• DC CERAMICS - 260 (Repeatable)


    Grade Level: 10-12                   No. Semesters: 1

    Fee: $30                                   Credit: ½-Fine Arts

    College Est Fee:   $210 per semester for DC


    Prerequisites: “C” average in Art Foundations. Students may fulfill the Art Foundations prerequisite for advanced art classes with two years of junior high art and permission from the current NJH art teacher.


    This studio class provides an opportunity for students to work on their creativity and artistic expression, as well as critical thinking, patience and hand-eye coordination while creating 3D forms in clay.  Working with clay is a physical process with many stages that allow for input from the artist.  The students will use a variety of tools and techniques (hand building and pottery wheel) to create both functional and sculptural forms while they explore clay and its transformation, by the firing process, into ceramics. 


    When Repeating:

    Students will be required to complete projects using a higher level of skill, technique and creative problem solving. 


    DUAL CREDIT:  Junior and senior students with applicable skills and understanding may enroll for dual credit with MSU for college credit.