Grade Level: 10-12             No. Semesters: 2 (1 Hr)

    Fee: None                            Credit: 1-Practical Arts


    Prerequisites:  Current enrollment in college preparatory mathematics and science courses


    POE is a course designed to help students understand the fields of engineering and engineering technology and their career possibilities. Engineering areas such as hydraulics, pneumatics, gearing systems, pulleys and structural supporting such as bridge building units and many others are modeled in a shop setting to resemble real world applications. POE helps students learn how engineers and technicians use math, science and technology in an engineering problem-solving process to benefit people. Units of study include energy and power, materials and structures, control systems, statistics and kinematics.


    NHS is a PLTW Certified School.  Students adequately completing the PLTW course series are eligible for college credit at PLTW participating universities.