• Nixa High School offers a variety of online learning opportunities for our highly self-motivated students. Typically, online success requires strong time-management skills, strong academic history and strong work-ethic. Parents and students should keep this in mind as they make any decisions regarding online coursework. Typically, students only take one virtual course at a time.



    The following virtual courses will be offered through CANVAS (Semester 1 only):


        Health - 830V

        Personal Finance - 331V (Grades 10-12)

        Psychology - 1550V (Grades 11-12)



    There are a variety of courses available to Nixa High School students through the LAUNCH program. For more information contact a school counselor. An application process may apply.



    The following courses will be taught as a hybrid class.   Students will formally meet on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be gap days where students work independently in the classroom or in the library. Students will be required to check in with the instructor prior to the tardy bell on the gap days. The instructor reserves the right to require a student to stay in the classroom on a gap day if he or she is falling behind or needs to make up class work. Students will meet with the teacher every day for the first week of school to cover all class requirements and expectations.


        DC College Composition - 550H (Full Year, Dual Credit, Seniors only)

        Personal Finance - 331H  (Grades 10-12, Sem 1 only)**

        AP/DC US History - 1590H (Full Year, Grades 11 & 12 only)


        **Personal Finance courses are articulated for 11th and 12th grades only