District Boundaries

    Nixa Public Schools has one high school and one junior high.  Anyone residing within the district boundaries will attend those schools. If you would like to know if your address resides within Nixa, you can check it using either of the K-4 or 5-6 boundary maps below to see if you reside in the boundaries. Please note that if you live on the border, you should verify with our registration office since the map can be slightly off when dealing with property on the border between two districts.

    District Boundary Map

    Final K-4 Boundary Lines

    The Board of Education approved the current boundary lines on February 9, 2012.

    The school lookup is below so that you can type in your address to see which school your child will attend.

    Google Map Look-Up for K-4 & 5-6

    Check out the interactive Google map with the school boundary lines:

    K-4 Elementary Schools: CLICK HERE

    5-6 Intermediate Schools: CLICK HERE