TRAVEL - 1710


    Grade Level: 11-12                                  No. Semesters:  2

    Fee: $13.25-Family Care Registry          Credit: 3 in area of career related



    Prerequisites: Meet application guidelines and approval of program facilitator


    This course will immerse students in the world of medicine and health care.  Students will attend class at Cox North Hospital while expanding upon the principles of human physiology through in-depth case studies of body systems and medical fields of studies.  They will develop fluency in basic medical language, formulate treatment plans for patients and practice physical assessment skills under the oversight of various medical and health professionals.  Students will apply knowledge to real-world problems facing medicine, health and wellness companies.  Dual credit is offered by MSU. 


    This is a 3-hour block.
    **Students who plan to drive must use their own transportation ad provide copies of license and insurance on the first day of the semester.