• Eagle Care Infant/Toddler program is designed to serve children ages six weeks to 3 years and preschool eligible. Children are preschool eligible if they turn 3 prior to August 1st of the upcoming school year. Once the child turns 3 and is potty trained, they are eligible to move up to our Preschool age program, if a spot is available. Moving up to the preschool program is determined by space availability and at the programs discretion.


    Eagle Care Infant and Toddler Program will first be available to Nixa Public Schools employees. We will only accept non-employee children if spots are unable to be filled by staff after May 30 each year.
    Eagle Care will not discriminate in providing services to children on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, cultural heritage, marital status, sexual orientation, or disability.

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Program Information

  • Our tuition schedule is based on a daily tuition fee multiplied by the number of student days for the year. It is then divided by 11 monthly billing cycles.Your payment amount will remain constant for the year; however, you are not being charged for days that school is not in session. Therefore, we do not prorate for days out from school (i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas Break, Spring Breaket, ect…)


    2019-2020 School Year

    Full Time Infant Care: $32.80 daily * 218 school days=$7,150.00 for the school year/11 billing cycles= $650.00 per month

    Full Time Toddler Care: $29.01 daily * 218 school days=$6,325.00 for the school year/11 billing cycles=$575.00 per month.


    Ten percent (10%) discount for each additional full-time child per family. The discount will be applied to the older child’s tuition.

    There is a $25 registration fee due at the time of enrollment. This is a one-time registration fee as long as you remain enrolled within an XLT program. If you withdraw from the program, you will be required to re-pay this fee when you re-enroll. You must also pay the first month of tuition at that time. There are no credits or refunds for snow days as these days will be made up within the school year.