High School Summer School 2021 FAQs

  • What is the difference between a seated, virtual, and hybrid course?

    • Seated - The traditional classroom where students attend school every day.
    • Virtual - An online course where students simply need computer and Internet access to complete the course. Students will need to have a few tests proctored for accountability as well as complete an online learning training module.
    • Hybrid - The best of both worlds! Students will meet for class at the high school roughly 50% of the time during summer school. The other 50% of the time, the class will be delivered virtually. (e.g. A student in a hybrid class may only attend the high school Monday, Wednesday, and Friday one week and then Tuesday and Thursday the next week. All other days would have an online component to be completed outside of school.)

    How do I know if my class has enough student interest to be offered?

    • If a class is closed due to low interest, any students who are currently signed up will be personally notified. Additionally, courses will be deleted from the online registration page as they are canceled. 

    What if the class I want to take is not listed on the form?

    • As classes close, they will be removed from the form so they are no longer an option. If the class is not on the form, it is either full or no longer being offered.

    What if there are too many students signed up for a course?

    • Any students not able to take the class who are currently signed up will be personally notified. Additionally, courses will be deleted from the online registration page as they are closed. 

    Will I get a new schedule prior to the first day of summer school?

    • No. Students can check in at the table near the big eagle in the commons if they are unsure of their class schedule.

    Where should I go on the first day of summer school?

    • Go to the commons for all classes except PE. PE will meet in the auxiliary gym. All teachers besides PE teachers will be in the commons to gather students before heading to their classroom.

    How many days can be missed and still receive credit?

    • Students may only miss three days of class (two for Drivers Ed.) to still receive credit.

    Is transportation (busing) available during summer school to the high school?

    • No, busing will not be offered this year.