April 2023 Bond Issue Projects

  • You can view the progress of the April 2023 Bond Issue projects below. These projects were made possible through the approval of the April 4, $47 million No-Tax-Levy-Increase Bond Issue.

    If you have any questions or see an error, please email us at quicknews@nixaschools.net. 

    Please check back for additional updates to our April 2023 Bond Issue projects. Updated on November 17, 2023.

Ballot Issue Progress

  • Across the District: Added Improvement

  • Across the District: Roofing and HVAC Upgrades and Repairs

  • Across the District: School Buses

  • Across the District: Upgrading Technology Equipment

  • Espy: Parking and Traffic Improvements

  • High Pointe Elementary: Additional Classrooms

  • JTSD: Painting and Lunchroom improvements

  • JTSD: Parking and Traffic Improvements

  • Nixa High School: Media Center

  • Nixa High School: Spaces for School Activities

  • Nixa Junior High: Additional Spaces Added and Improved

  • Nixa Junior High: Family and Consumer Science (FACS) Lab

  • Nixa Junior High: Parking and Traffic Improvements

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