• Encouraging Appropriate Behavior Signature Cards

    What is a Signature Card?

    Signature Cards are an incentive for students to follow the School Rules (Behavior Expectations). The purpose of Signature Cards is to promote positive interaction with students by every staff member.

    How do students earn Signatures?

    Every student will receive a signature card following their initial PBIS - STEAM Training. Students will receive signatures from any teacher or staff member who catches them following our STEAM Expectations.

    What do students do with their Signature Card?

    Students wear their signature cards whenever they leave their classroom. They should leave their signature cards and i.d. at school.

    What do students get for earning Signatures?

    Students are allowed to choose from a menu of choices to "swap" their signatures in.


    **Parents: ask your child how many "Signatures" they have earned and what they have earned them for.**