• Instructional Delivery System

    Identified students in grades kindergarten-6th grade attend a "pull-out" program with a Resource Room Teacher providing direct instruction designed to meet the academic and affective needs of gifted students. Students are transported from their home school to the "ALERT" classrooms as needed.

    Kindergarten classes meet one-half day per week during the second semester.

    Grades 1 - 6 attend one day per week at Inman Intermediate.

    Grade 7 is enrolled in ALERT through the Social Studies class.

    Grade 8 is enrolled in a one-block elective class at the Junior High.

    9th graders attend STAR class with the ALERT teacher to receive guidance in their academic paths.

    Grades 9 - 12 may enroll in an ALERT elective which focuses on independent research projects based on the students' interests.  The class also targets the social and emotional needs of high school students.  Students also have the option to take online classes for additional credit.