• Nixa V.I.P.S.

    Frequently Asked Questions, Myths, and Misconceptions


    1.) I want to volunteer for my child's school, do I still need to complete the V.I.P.S. application process?

    If a staff member is going to be with you or you won’t be around students then the background screening will be waived. If you have regular or frequent contact with students unsupervised, one-on-one, or going on a field trip you need a background screening. 


    2.) If I am a parent, why do I have to have a background check?

    According to district policy, if you are supervised by a staff member or won’t be in contact of students, the background screening is waived. However, if you are volunteering and have regular or frequent contact with students unsupervised, one-on-one, or are going on a field trip, you need a background screening. This is solely for student safety.


    3.) My child's grandparents would like to volunteer, do they need to submit to a background check?

    Yes, the policy is for ALL VOLUNTEERS. 


    4.) I am on a fixed income and cannot afford to pay for a background check. Will this prevent me from volunteering with NPS?

    Nixa Public Schools appreciates the time you are volunteering and pays the cost of background screenings.


    5.) I volunteer with an organization outside of NPS (RSVP, Watch Dog Dads, foster grandparent, etc.) do I need to complete the registration process?

    Yes, this policy is for ALL VOLUNTEERS regardless of their role, membership, or affiliation with organizations who exist to support the district, such as the PTA. 


    6.) Do I need to log my volunteer hours?

    Yes. On the volunteer webpage there is a link to log in your volunteer hours. You may do this from the computer at school or from home. This helps the district to know how many volunteer hours we have and allows us to apply for grants to enhance the volunteer program.


    7.) I want to volunteer but I am afraid the application process may be too time-consuming.

    The volunteer application and background screening links are on our webpage and will take just a few minutes to complete. Be sure to complete step 1 and step 2.


    8.) Do I have to complete the application process each year?

    You will need to complete step 1 volunteer application yearly. The background screening application process is every other year.


    9.) How will I know when I am able to volunteer?

    Once you have complete both applications and have been cleared on the background screening (3-5 business days) the volunteer coordinator will send you a e-mail letting you know you may volunteer.