• Curriculum All Levels

    I. Cognitive Education = academics = units on various topics

    II. Affective Education = self-knowledge and life skills

    III. Critical and Creative Thinking Skills

    IV. Problem Solving - includes mathematical and spatial

    V. Communication Skills = oral and written

    The curriculum content is based on major units of study that are explored using a multi-disciplinary approach, including: math, science, history, written language, oral expression, construction projects, research, creative expression, geography, and career opportunities. Objectives and activities are designed to use the most demanding levels of thinking skills (Bloom's Taxonomy) whenever possible. A culminating activity/project is planned, giving students the opportunity to learn to set realistic goals, plan ahead, apply their knowledge, and give an original, unique presentation. They may complete them individually, in small groups, or as a whole group.

    Although frequently included in the major units, separate lessons are taught in the areas of spatial and mathematical problem solving, thinking skills, affective education, computer skills, and creative expression. Students are involved in the planning process whenever feasible.