Grade Level: 10-12                  No. Semesters: 2

    Fee: None                                Credit: 1-Practical Arts


    Prerequisites: Application process and teacher approval


    This class is a media and broadcasting class designed to help students excel in various forms of media, including writing, videography, broadcasting, or public speaking.  This course will have two focuses.  The first is to refine the skills necessary to run a news broadcast and will cover topics such as interviewing, videography, photography, and familiarity with U.S. and world news.  The second is to use editing software to create creative videos with a variety of topics, including a PSA and short film.  Students will organize stories and visualizations associated with those stories for presentation to the student body via TV broadcast.  Students must complete the introductory Broadcast Journalism class and be approved to take this course.


    This course is NOT NCAA Approved.