• GoGuardian Parent Information

    Nixa Public Schools has purchased GoGuardian software to support our efforts in student internet safety and classroom management. GoGuardian is a device monitoring tool that allows staff to better monitor student computing as well as enhance classroom instruction time. GoGuardian has been loaded on all chromebooks owned by NPS.* 


    GoGuardian allows NPS to:

    • protect and oversee student web activity.

    • detect potentially dangerous activity.

    • view and monitor student chromebook screens during a live session, in class, on teacher computers, as well as disable browsing and darken screens for “eyes-up-front” focus during lessons.

    • guide and assist students by remotely opening or closing tabs.

    • Explore previous sessions to see what students were doing at any time.

    GoGuardian DOES NOT allow NPS to:  

    • access the chromebook camera.


    If you would like more information about GoGuardian, please visit their website at www.GoGuardian.com.  Parent information can be found by clicking here.

    *Interfering with GoGuardian violates the terms of Nixa Public School’s Acceptable Use Policy and may result in terminated privileges, denied access to school district technology resources, or appropriate disciplinary action.