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NPS Moving to Canvas K-6

  • What is Canvas?

    Canvas is a LMS (Learning Management System) that allows teachers to digitally communicate with their students. Canvas helps teachers manage their course content, as well as providing an extra way to deliver course content. 


    Important Canvas Links 


    How Canvas helps teachers: Canvas has online tools such as...

    • Gradebook - Enter and edit grades

    • Module creation - Create a space for relevant course materials

    • Creating assignments - Give them tasks, and provide feedback

    • Creating announcements - Keep your students updated 

    • Creating quizzes & class surveys - Test student knowledge, and recieve their input 

    • Messaging system - Communicate with students whenever wherever 

    • Discussion board - Engage students with questions and conversation 

    • App Integration - Can sync up with other apps and resources (Ex: turnitin, wikipedia)


    How Canvas helps students: Canvas has online tools such as...

    • Submiting assignments online or by mobile app - Never miss an assignment again 

    • Activity Stream - Keeps students updated with all recent course info 

    • Receiving course content - All important course documents located in one centralized place

    • Messaging system - Students who need to ask questions can get a prompt answer 

    • Discussion board - Students can discuss course topics, and have constructive conversation


    Simply put, Canvas provides a way for teachers to use less paper, stay organized, and keeps students in "the loop".