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  • Eagle Care Pre-K age wrap-around care provides before, after and full day care for children who are currently enrolled with the Nixa Early Childhood Preschool programs, serving children ages 3-5 years. 

    Children must be three as of August 1 each year to be eligible for the Nixa Preschool Programs.

    For more information regarding the Nixa Public Schools preschool programs, please visit www.nixaearlychildhood.net

    Our Mission:

    • Staff will be facilitators of positive development through the process of activities, games, spontaneous play, and one-on-one interactions.

    • We will have a balance of child-centered activities and enrichment programming combined with choices for free time.

    • We will create an atmosphere of respect for all those who interact with Eagle Care. This includes children and youth, parents and guardians, teachers and schools, and our community.

  • Please see below information regarding hours, days of operation, and pricing:


    Days of Operation

    Eagle Care provides care on 205 days this school year.  These days include every day that the Early Childhood Programs are in operation as well as several days of full day care when preschool classes are closed.  For a more detailed look at our days of operation please click the link below to view current school calendar.

    Eagle Care Pre-K Age Calendar


    Tuition Schedule and Fees

    Below are the current 2019-20 tuition schedule and fee for the Eagle Care Wrap Around Program:



    Eagle Care Payment Calendar 19-20




    Enrollment for the Pre-K Wrap-around program is based on your child's admittance into one of the district's Early Childhood Programs.  Once your child is confirmed in a class placement for preschool, we will contact those on their list to enroll in Eagle Care.  Enrollment is first come first serve and based on availability.  The only exception to this is those children who turn 3 and are currently enrolled in our Toddler Program.  Children enrolled in Eagle Care Toddler program get first spots in the Pre-Wrap around care.


    For more information about enrolling in the Early Childhood Center Preschool Programs please visit www.nixaearlychildhood.net.


    Please note that the tuition and days of operation above are separate from the Nixa Early Childhood Programs fees and class schedule.  Tuition for Eagle Care Wrap-around Care is paid directly to the XLT office, and is in addition to any fees you may pay for preschool classes