• DC COLLEGE BIOLOGY (formerly Biology II) - 1345


    Grade Level: 11-12                  No. Semesters: 2

    College Est Fee: $350              Credit: 1-Science


    Prerequisites: “C” average in Biology and/or teacher recommendation


    This course provides an in-depth study into vertebrate and invertebrate zoology, microbiology, botany, mycology, ecology, and bioethics.  Laboratory experimentation and research are the primary methods of learning, including seven dissections.  Formal lab reports that include analyzing and interpreting experimental and research data will be an integral part of the class.  This course will prepare students for college biology and provide insight into career choices in the sciences. May be taken for college credit through MSU as BIO 101/111.  (This class is not typically accepted as a science major credit for college but is accepted as an elective.) 


    NCAA Approved Course