• DC PHYSICS - 1385


    Grade Level: 10-12                  No. Semesters: 2

    College Est Fee: $280              Credit: 1-Science


    Prerequisites: “C” average in Physical Science and currently enrolled in Biology I or Honors Biology I OR  “C” average in Bio I. Also must be currently enrolled in Algebra II or Physics teacher recommendation


    Students investigate the basic principles of physics, kinematics, forces, power, waves, sound, light, energy, momentum, universal gravitation, electricity, and magnetism. This course will be helpful to students planning to go into careers such as engineering, mechanics, astronomy, meteorology, medicine, chemistry, geology, computers, or vocational-technical training and/or taking physics in college. algebra, geometry, and trigonometry will be used. Calculator required. Sophomores must also be enrolled in Honors Biology I or Biology I and meet additional requirements for dual credit. May be taken for college credit through MSU as PHY 123.   (This class is typically accepted as a science credit for college.  Check with your school counselor.) 


    NCAA Approved Course