Frequently Asked Questions

  • Please check back for additional updates to our frequently asked questions.


    Q:  Will all teachers receive a pay increase?

    A:  Yes. All teachers will receive a pay increase.  When we enhance the starting teacher pay it impacts the entire salary schedule for all teachers.

    Q:  What is the current levy and what would it be if Question 2 passes?

    A:  The current levy is 4.2896.  If Question 2 passes, it would increase $0.41, which would make the levy 4.6996.

    Q:  When will the projects be completed?

    A:  The projects will be completed over the next three years.  There will be a final timeline after projects are bid and we determine how to best complete them around the normal school and athletic schedules.

    Q: Are we going to continue to have one high school?

    A: That is the goal.  Over the next ten years, we need to look at where we might expand to accomplish this.  The classes coming up will increase numbers at the high school to 1800-1900 kids in the coming years.

    Q: Is parking going to be replaced that the PAC and stadium remodel take up?

    A: Yes, we are looking right now at how we can replace and expand parking to handle new student growth.  The initial will be to replace and then expand.

    Q: Are we expanding or improving athletic facilities at Nixa Junior High?

    A: That is part of future projects and is a part of the 10-year plan that was approved in 2017

    Q: Do both require a simple majority?

    A: Question 1 requires a 57% + 1.  Question 2 requires a simple majority. (updated from a previous post)

    Q: What will the teacher pay raise be?

    A:  We have to wait for final numbers to come in from the county to determine an exact amount.  This won’t happen until the summer. If Question 2 is approved, which is the only one that can be used for a salary increase, we will figure out a salary increase that will benefit all teachers and be competitive with area schools.

    Q: How is the tax levy calculated on my property?

    A: Taxes are calculated on the assessed value of your home, not the market value (or what you paid for it).  You should look at your tax property tax receipt to determine the assessed value.

    Q:  Will the district be acquiring more property for these projects?

    A:  All of the April 2, 2019 projects will be completed on existing property.

    Q: What will be happening with SCORE - is it part of the ballot?

    A:  SCORE is a part of the additional projects.  We have plans for upgrades to the facility with lighting, painting, as well as other options as funding allows.

    Q:  How many classrooms can be added at the high school with the infill?

    A:  We have plans for up to eight (8).  Final numbers depend on how the bids come in from construction companies.

    Q:  Is there a copy of the ballot?

    A:  We have scanned a copy of the ballot.  View it HERE.

    Q.  Will the Century drive connect to the Spring Manor neighborhood?  If so, will it be used for parents and buses?

    A:  In an initial drawing of the Century expansion, part of the expanded school drive included a connection to Gasconade Street. This connection was due to initial requirements for emergency vehicle access. The district was not planning to route school traffic through the Spring Manor neighborhood. The access would have been closed off with a gate or barrier and only opened during an emergency

    However, the district has been able to remove this connection in our current plans, which is reflected in the updated graphic in the slideshow.

    The district will develop final plans after the passage of the April 2 ballot issues. If plans change and we would be required to connect to Gasconade Street, it would only be for emergency vehicle access. The district will communicate with those in Spring Manor if this changes, but the goal is to work not to have a connection at all.