• DC ADVANCED JOURNALISM – 5015 (Repeatable)

    Grade Level: 10-12                  No. Semesters: 2

    Fee: None                                 Credit: 1-Practical Arts

    Est. College Fee: $210

    Prerequisites: Permission from the instructor and minimum of 80% in both semesters of previous year of Journalism. 

    Dual Credit Requirements:  A junior or senior level student, with teacher recommendation

    Students build upon skills learned in Journalism, and they may apply for leadership roles. In addition to journalism requirements, students will plan publications, edit copy before submitting, and proof layouts before they go to press. Required weekly reflections help students accomplish goals. Students are required to sell and create ads for the publications, attend and report on after-school events, and complete press-quality work by deadlines.  Students will spend most of their time working independently and as a team to produce the newspapers and yearbook. Dual credit will go toward JRN This course270 at Missouri State University.   This course is NOT NCAA Approved.