Nixa Bands Program

  • Nixa Bands serves close to 800 students across the Nixa school district. Instrumental music is offered in three intermediate buildings and is introduced at the beginning of the sixth grade year. The junior high band program focuses on group instrument classes with a transition to large ensemble instruction in the 8th grade. The high school band program consists of the 240 member Crimson Corps marching band as well as the concert band, symphonic band, wind ensemble, and jazz band. These award-winning ensembles have performed across the nation at some of the largest venues the Arts offers, including the Bands of America Grand Nationals, Washington D.C., Florida, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Honolulu. The program is proud to call the Aetos Center for the Performing Arts, as well as the 4000 seat Eagle Stadium, the home for all local band performances.

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Nixa Choir Program

  • The Nixa Choir program services over 500 students from Nixa Junior High and Nixa High School. The program features award-winning, regionally recognized ensembles that perform for various events, including music conferences throughout the region. The program features over 10 ensembles of varying voicings and levels. 

Nixa Theatre Program

  • The Nixa Public Schools Theatre Department is driven by our mission statement: To inspire a love of humanity through creative growth and artistic experience. We share a vision for education where students are encouraged to take ownership of their education through the connections made cross-curricularly, personally, and socially in our classrooms. By focusing on connecting experiences to the curriculum through student inquiry, which arises from the real questions students have about the world they inhabit, and their place within it. This relationship to education requires a constant connection to one's community, country, and the world. A student involved in this type of education naturally and necessarily develops a love of humanity, an obligation to community, and a sense of their greater purpose.


    Students benefit from an expansive and aligned selection of courses beginning with  Theatre Arts I and Theatre Arts II at the junior high level. Then, the theatre department at the high school broadens in scope; offering students the opportunity to enroll in Drama, Acting, Advanced Acting, Theatre Production, Stagecraft, Dance, Costume/Props/Makeup, and Dual Credit Theatre. This robust list of classes allows ample opportunity for student learning to be impacted every day. Outside the classroom, the junior high produces one musical each year, while the high school theatre department produces two musicals and one play for the mainstage as well as participating in the competitive MSHAA theatre events of Reader’s Theatre and One Act Play. This combination of academic pursuit and authentic vocational practice provides an exceptional opportunity for student growth, and experience. 


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