Early Childhood Center

Early Childhood Center (ECC)

  • The ECC is home to the Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE). The ECSE program provides an individual learning experience for those students with special needs. Students have access to therapies such as speech and language, occupational, physical, and vision therapy. A full evaluation (different than the DIAL) by the Early Childhood Special Education team is required before placement.  
    Another program at the ECC is the Peer Model program, a component of the Early Childhood Special Education program designed for preschool children with disabilities. The Peer Model Program offers typically developing children the chance to engage with same-age peers undergoing specialized instruction in a preschool classroom tailored to their developmental needs. Peer model students play a crucial role as positive influences, showcasing desirable peer interactions, demonstrating play skills, and modeling appropriate language and behavior. Eligibility for the Peer Model Program is determined through the screening process based on individual program needs.