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CyberPatriot is the National Youth Cyber Education Program.  At the center of CyberPatriot, is the National Youth Cyber Defense Competition where high school and middle school students are tested on their ability to identify vulnerabilities within operating systems and defend against potential hackers. Additionally, competitors will also be required to set up a working and secure Cisco network.

The competition:


  • places teams of high school and middle school students in the position of newly hired IT professionals

  • tasks these teams with managing the network of a simulated small company



During the rounds of competition:


  • teams are given a set of virtual images that represent operating systems

  • teams are tasked with finding cybersecurity vulnerabilities within these virtual images

  • teams are tasked with hardening the system and maintain critical services for a six-hour period



Teams compete: 

  • for the top placement within their state and region

  • to place among the top teams in the nation

  • to earn all-expenses-paid trips to Baltimore, MD to compete at the National Finals Competition

  • for national recognition and scholarships







Cyberpatriot team