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Rifle Team

 Rifle Team


U.S. Army JROTC Crosman


The type of rifle marksmanship that is taught and practiced in the JROTC program is Three-Position Air Rifle Shooting. Common aspects of this type of marksmanship include:                                                                                          

  • Use of 4.5 mm (.177 cal.) air rifles

  • Targets placed at a distance of 10 meters

  • Most common air rifle used is the Crosman Challenger PCP air rifle (Model CH2009S)

  • These air rifles operate on either CO2 or compressed air

  • Air rifle competition standards are similar to those used during Olympic shooting events

  • Positions used are standing, prone, and kneeling



  • Easiest shooting position to learn and the most challenging to master

  • The position is challenging because it has a smaller base of support and the body is higher

  • Not as stable as the lower prone and kneeling positions

  • Slings may not be used in standing to stabilize the rifle

  • Most shooters find that it takes more practice to develop the ability to hold the rifle still in standing

  • Body position and head alignment are essential to achieving a stable standing position


  • Prone position has the lowest center of gravity

  • The steadiest of the three target positions

  • Prone has extra stability through the use of a sling in this position 

  • A highly trained rifle shooter is capable of holding a rifle steady in the prone position

  • Body position is essential to achieving a stable prone position


  • The shooter kneels to sit on the right foot that is supported by a kneeling roll.

  • The rifle is supported by the use of a sling and left arm that rests on the left leg

  • The kneeling position is similar to prone in that the sling is also used in this position

  • It is similar to standing because the body’s center of gravity is higher

  • Precise balance is essential to achieving a stable kneeling position



Three-Position Air Rifle Shooting 

  • The most common event for JROTC and high school rifle teams is the 3x10 event

  • A 3x10 means shooters fire ten record shots in each of the three positions (prone, standing and kneeling) 

  • Most popular and fastest growing form of shooting sports competition

  • Two different Three-Position Air Rifle events are available

    • Precision Air Rifle - modeled after Olympic-style shooting using specialized target rifles and equipment.

    • Sporter Air Rifle - designed for new competitors or those who desire to compete with minimal equipment and expense 


The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) actively promotes Three-Position Air Rifle shooting as a premier youth marksmanship competition by providing low-cost equipment and pellets as well as training curriculum materials and competition activities.  

Learn more about the National Standard Three-Position Air Rifle Rules