• Eagle Care, part of the XLT program

    Eagle Care is the name of the wrap-around daycare housed in the ELC, specifically for Nixa Early Childhood students. Eagle Care is a separate department run by the district XLT program.  

    Since preschool classes are only three hours long, Eagle Care wrap-around daycare provides care for Nixa Early Childhood students when they are not in their preschool class. Their hours run 6:30 am - 6:00 pm Monday - Friday.  For more information about XLT/Eagle Care, click here: https://www.nixapublicschools.net/Page/2123.

    The cost for Eagle Care Wrap-around Care is paid directly to the XLT office and is in addition to any tuition you may pay for preschool classes.

    How do I sign up for Eagle Care? 

    When your child has confirmed placement in the Nixa Early Childhood program, you will be asked if you are interested in the Eagle Care wrap-around daycare program. 

    If you are interested, we will share your information with Eagle Care.  Eagle Care will then contact you via email concerning enrollment.  You do not need to get on a separate interest list for Eagle Care if you complete this Nixa Early Childhood preschool interest list on the home page of www.nixaearlychildhood.net.

    The XLT program is responsible for all Eagle Care placements, and the program billing is done separately through the XLT office.  

    Please be aware that placement in the Nixa Early Childhood preschool does not guarantee placement in XLT's Eagle Care program.

    For questions and additional information regarding Eagle Care, please call the main XLT office at: 724-6337 or email eaglecare@nixaschools.net