Frequently Asked Questions... a non-boring approach

  • Is there anything I can do to help me prepare for JH? Yep… check out these gems! 💎

  • I'm sorta freaked out by the big building... Can I come walk around before the first day of school? 🚶

  • What does a day in JH even look like? Where do I go?! 😵‍💫

  • What does it mean when someone asks what team I am on? I’ve heard kids talking about the Red Team… or the Silver Team… do I get to pick my own team?

  • People keep talking about Advisory... I don't even know what they're saying... 🙊

  • Will I have a locker? Just thinking about it freaks me out… 😟

  • I’m super nervous I won’t make it to my classes on time. How much time do I have? ⏰

  • Ummmm… WHAT the heck is a lunch detention?!

  • Speaking of lunch... I'm starving... when do I eat? How will I know what to do? 🍽

  • What if I have an issue or feel anxious at school? Who do I contact first? Can I just call my mom… or dad… or guardian? 😣

  • Who is there to help me at the JH and what does that look like?

  • How am I supposed to know what grade I earned? What do the letter grades even mean?! 🧐

  • What if I don’t finish my work during class? ✏️

  • Will I have a planner to stay organized? Do I have to use it? 🗓

  • Wait... I can use my cellphone, right? 📱

  • But, how will I make friends with all of the new people? 👯

  • What sports are available? Do I have to try out? 🏅