•  4 year plan

    Nixa Public Schools CONNECTED Initiative
    The CONNECTED Initiative is not just "one more thing" to add to our plates. This is a researched topic that will increase student achievement, support instructional practices, and prepare our students for the future. We are no longer getting ready to teach 21st Century Learners, we are teaching 21st Century Learners, NOW! Equipping our students with communication, critical thinking, and collaboration skills is a necessary step for their future success. DEVICES?!? It is our goal to place devices in the hands of our teachers prior to summer break and with our students in the fall of 2016.  

    Are other districts doing major digital transformations?

    Many districts in our area and across the state have made digital transformations. In learning from their successes and failures we have created a four year plan that allows us to provide high quality professional development to our teachers ahead of device implementation in the classroom.  The focus of this digital transformation is not the device, but increased student success.

    Are there currently technology devices in our district?

    Our district currently has computer labs in every school.  We also have a deployment of 1 to 1 ipads at JTSD.  All other schools K-12 have mobile computer carts, classroom sets, and individual mobile devices supporting their innovative instruction. CONNECTED supports equitable access to technology for all students in Nixa.  

    Is the CONNECTED initiative going to change instruction/the classroom?

    We currently use technology everyday, just not all day. Technology is one of many tools that our teachers use to support instruction and student learning. With greater, equitable access to devices, teachers are able to innovate instruction that individualizes learning for each student.

    Will students be taught digital citizenship?

     Our district will be moving forward with a revamped character education program that will include a digital citizenship component.  Digital Citizenship will be addressed at all age levels and the instruction focus will pertain to the specific age levels.  Student safety is our number 1 priority with CONNECTED.

    How will our teachers be supported through the digital transformation?

    Professional development is an important part of the instructional and technology integration part of CONNECTED.  Individualized and knowledge-based professional development will be supported by the Instructional Technology Facilitators.  The ITFs will be meeting with new teachers, grade level groups, content/department groups, and individuals to meet their learning needs.  The ITFs have a great support team that will be backing them up with knowledge, training, and resources.  Our elementary instructional specialists, secondary instructional specialist, and technology integration specialist are on their team.

    How can parents support this digital transformation?

    Stay informed.  Our district schools will provide ongoing device/technology information for students and families.  The more informed you are as a parent, the more control you will have in setting guidelines, expectations, and successful habits for your child.

    How are we going to measure the success of CONNECTED?

    The success of CONNECTED will be determined by the use of transformational teaching, increased knowledge, integration of technology, and success of students in preparation for college and career.

    How will this help students become college and career ready?

    Our students only know a world with technology. By integrating technology in the classroom, we are able to utilize technology skills in partnership with college and career readiness skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. These are the skills that will prepare our students for current jobs and jobs that do not yet exist.
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