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    There are 12 schools in the Nixa School District serving more than 6,700 students in Nixa, MO. We have four elementary schools, a K-6 STEAM school, two intermediate schools, a junior high school, a high school, an early childhood program (housed in two schools), and an alternative high school, (S.C.O.R.E.).

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    The mission of Nixa Public Schools, dedicated to our legacy of excellence, is to ensure all students achieve maximum potential and graduate with the knowledge, skills, and character necessary to succeed as productive, informed, confident, and engaged citizens in a global society by providing a quality, comprehensive, world-class education in a safe and secure learning environment.

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  • Nixa Public Schools' History

    In the 1800s when most schools in the United States were first starting to become established, there were 84 to 103 one-room schoolhouses scattered throughout Christian County. These schoolhouses generally served 20 to 35 students who usually walked to school. These schools also had one teacher who wore many hats, such as instructor, custodian, and disciplinarian.

    When the Nixa School District was formed in 1899, there was no school board, no teacher, no school building, or even land to build one. In 1901, Nixa's first school for all grades was built. Local history says that Walter Keltner, the president of Nixa's first Board of Education, purchased the land for the school and gave it to the school district. 

    In the past 100 years, the Nixa Public School system has grown dramatically. Once only having a one-room school house, we now have twelve separate buildings. Our first year we had only four graduates in the two-year high school in 1908. We have grown from our original total enrollment of 149 students in 1926.  Nixa Public Schools has indeed come a long way from its established date in 1899.

    In addition to providing a basic education to the children of Nixa, the Nixa Public School system serves as a social and cultural center. It is a place for sports, theatre, music, and other civic activities. Not only does Nixa Public Schools meet the educational needs of a community, it is a source of employment for the people of Nixa, and surrounding communities, as well. Nixa Public Schools enable each student to pursue excellence so they can become a productive, contributing member of society.

Nixa's Superintendents

  • 2018/19-Present - Gearl Loden

    2000/01-2017/18 - Stephen L. Kleinsmith

    1997/98-1999/00 - Terry Reid

    1988-1996/97 - Kenneth C. Holloway

    1979-1988 - Hal Johnson

    1954-1979 - Reed George Espy

    1951 - Ben S. Lee

    1948 - N. Earl Walker

    1947 - Ben J. Walker

    1946 - N. Earl Walker

    1945 - William Mace

    1944 - Amos Dickens

    1943 - T.J. Sweeney & Amos Dickens

    1939 - A.M. Alexander (resigned Dec. '42)

               Hubert E Swisher finished the year

    1935 - Clifford Kensinger

    1932 - Harry B. Sutter

    1930 - John Gilleland

    1927 - Fred McKinley