• What is Character Education?

    Character Education is not new. In fact, it can be dated back to Socrates. Even in the United States, it goes back as far as the founding of the colonies. 


    At the heart of character education the idea is that students and adults activity work together to create a better community and country through shared ethical values.


    Character Education integrates positive values into every aspect of the school day through modeling, climate, and curriculum. It is a collagorative effort between home, community and schools.


    What is the word of the month?

    • August: Cooperation

    • September: Responsibility

    • October: Self-Control

    • November: Respect

    • December: Compassion

    • January: Integrity

    • February: Trustworthiness

    • March: Courage

    • April: Perserverance

    • May: Kindness