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Informational Videos on Bullying

Bullying Part 1: What is Bullying?

At Nixa Public Schools bullying is something we want to take very seriously. In this first of three videos, we are going to explain what bullying is. In the second video, we will tell you how to report bullying both inside school, and outside of school. Finally, the third video will go over what happens after a bullying report is made.

Bullying Part 2: How Do You Report A Bullying Incident Inside School and Outside of School?

In the second video in our series, we talk about how students should report a bullying incident that occurs inside or outside of the school day. Our experts discuss what strategies you can use if you ever find yourself in an uncomfortable situation and how you should react. Whether it happens in the hallway at school or the park on the weekends, this video offers helpful advice to keep kids safe.

Bullying Part 3: What Happens After A Bullying Report Is Made At School?

In the third and final video of our series, we discuss what happens after a bullying report is made at school, what information can be released to parents and why, and what a parent can do if they have questions about a bullying incident.