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Frequently Asked Questions

* Updated January 2024 *

It has always been our district's policy to ask student contacts and visitors to provide their driver's license to verify they are who they say they are and to verify they have the student's parent/guardian permission to be there or to pick up the student. For the safety of our students, all first-time visitors without a SchoolPass account or pin will be required to sign in using their driver's license.

Parents are assigned unique QR codes, also known as QuickPins, that are used to identify individuals who enter and exit our buildings. This also keeps our buildings from allowing individuals into the building who should not be there.

Step One: Setting Up Your Account

Step Two: Signing In And Out

Step Three: Changing and Updating Your Information

Key Terminology:

  • QuickPINs / QR Codes: These terms are often times used interchangeably. The QR codes are what students, parents, teachers, and staff can use to sign into the iPad stations. Each QuickPin is unique and is assigned to one specific person who "identifies" who that person is.


  • Carpool / "Adding Drivers" Option (app): Although SchoolPass has many features, we are not utilizing every single one. Parents and guardians may see an option to "add/change" their carpool and driver information. Please disregard any of that information. This will not change your contacts, nor will it override anything in PowerSchool or any information shared with the school district. This feature should not be used and only persons on the student's approved contact list in PowerSchool will be allowed to visit or pick up a student.


  • "Student Checkin/Out" or "Early Dismissal" Options: Again, SchoolPass has many features. We are NOT utilizing student check-ins and outs at this time. Any information entered into SchoolPass will NOT translate to PowerSchool or building administrators. If you wish to sign your student in and out, please follow the previous protocol.