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How To Check In

Visited Before?

Have a QR code/QuickPin?
  1. Click "Sign In".
  2. Either type in your QuickPin OR click "Scan Digital ID" to scan your QR code. This will be either on your SchoolPass app or downloaded to your phone.
    • Still can't find your QuickPin?
  3. To sign YOURSELF in, select "Sign In As Visitor".
  4. Fill out "Reason" for visiting, "Who" you are visiting, and "Date of Birth". This information confirms your identity.
  5. Go to the front office for a printed pass.
First page of the PDF file: SchoolPass_How_to_Sign_In

New Visitor?

Don't have a QR code?
  1. Click "New Visitor".
  2. Have your license? Scan your driver's license OR manually input your sign-in information.
  3. After filling out your information, select your "Reason" for visiting from the drop down.
  4. Select "Who are you visiting?" If you aren't visiting anyone specifically, select "Office, Front."
  5. Go to the front office for a printed pass.