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Academic Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Each year, Nixa is excited to honor graduates who have gone out into the world after high school and found success and made a difference in their community.  If you know of someone that should be recognized, nominate that person for the Nixa Academic Hall of Fame.


The goals of the Nixa Academic Hall of Fame are as follows:

1. To provide positive role models for the students of Nixa Public Schools
2. To recognize achievements of Nixa alumni related to the academic programs of the District.


The following are qualifications for the person you are nominating:

In order to qualify for induction, a nominee…

1. must have a diploma from Nixa Public Schools earned at least 10 years prior to nomination (graduating in the class of 2015 or earlier).
2. must have a degree from an institute of higher learning and/or extensive experience in his/her career field.
3. must have made, or currently be making, a positive contribution to society.
4. should have earned a cumulative high school grade point average of at least one of the following (this factor will not exclude a nominee, but will be highly considered):
a. 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
b. 3.32 on a 5.0 scale
c. 8.0 on a 11.0 scale

It is encouraged that the nomination and additional materials cover the following four areas:

1. The nominee has successfully pursued higher education or has extensive career experience.
2. The nominee has made or is currently making a positive contribution to society.
3. The nominee has characteristics to be a positive and motivating example to students.
4. The nominee has characteristics to represent Nixa Public Schools and its academic programs well.


Nomination Form:

To fill out the 2025 Academic Hall of Fame Nomination Form (online), please fill out the form below at the link below:

It is suggested that you include supporting documentation in the form of letters of recommendation and other documents.  The information submitted is sent to a committee and they base their decision off of the information that is submitted. 


Academic Hall of Fame Nomination Form

The deadline to submit is February 1, 2025.