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Nixa Public Schools utilizes GoGuardian software to support our efforts in student internet safety and classroom management. GoGuardian is a device monitoring tool that allows staff to better monitor student computing as well as enhance classroom instruction time. GoGuardian is installed on all student chromebooks owned by NPS.* 


GoGuardian allows NPS to:

  • know what students are doing on their devices and keep them on-task.
  • gain real-time views into student activity.
  • identify and correct off-task behavior.
  • limit browsing and view student browsing history.
  • detect potentially dangerous activity.
  • guide and assist students by remotely using a 1-way communication tool that allows teachers to present their screen, turn on their microphone, and turn on their webcam to deliver instruction to one or more students. Only teacher webcams can be used in GoGuardian for this purpose.


GoGuardian allows NPS students to: 

  • receive notification when GoGuardian is active.
  • receive notification when GoGurdian Teacher sessions are active.


GoGuardian DOES NOT allow NPS to:  

  • access the student chromebook webcam.


If you would like more information about GoGuardian, please visit their website at or click HERE to view What Parents Should Know About GoGuardian.

*Interfering with GoGuardian violates the terms of Nixa Public School’s Acceptable Use Policy and may result in terminated privileges, denied access to school district technology resources, or appropriate disciplinary action.