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Welcome to the Communication Department

Letter to Parents/Guardians: How the District Communicates with You

Nixa Parents/Guardians,

We want to make sure that you are getting the communication you want and need. Here is how we are going to communicate with you:

Mobile App:

The district app is going to be our main method of communication to get information to you. This will allow you to get detailed information send directly to you on the app and get alerted (if you have them turned on) when new information is sent out. To download the app on your iPhone or Android, go to the links below. Once downloaded, make sure and go into notifications and Follow Schools and choose Nixa Public Schools as well as your child’s school.

Download or update it at the following links:



Email Messages from District:

If you have not been getting emails from the district, make sure you have information added to receive alerts from the district through email. This is an additional screen on the information update. To update your information or check to see what emails are on the account, go to We cannot control if your email address is blocked by your company or email provider or sent to SPAM. This is why we encourage the app as well.


If you want to know all about what is going on in the district, district events, updates, news, and other district news, make sure and subscribe to QuickNews. This is a bi-weekly email that comes out to let you know all the great things going on in Nixa as well as news beneficial to you. To sign up go to

Quick Response Messaging:

Because phone calls are not reliable and text alerts allow us to give very little information, these will only be used in an emergency like a lock-down or immediate crisis. Please do not expect information on these platforms unless an actual crisis is taking place. Otherwise, please expect notifications through the app and email.

Inclement Weather Information:

To make sure you know all the details about our winter weather procedures. We will send out the notifications for no school, late start, or early dismissal through the district app and in addition to the website, social media, and send the info to news outlets. For full information on our winter weather procedures, go to

Athletic Updates:

If you would like to stay up to date on athletics, make sure and follow Nixa Athletics on social media or go to