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Medication Policy

Medication Policy

The Nixa School District follows medication parameters set by the Missouri School Boards’ Association, in conjunction with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the State Department of Health and Senior Services. In addition, school nurses are required to administer medications according to their license with the State Board of Nursing.  


The complete district policy is available on the Nixa website under Board Policies. The following are highlights:

  • All medications, including inhalers and any over-the-counter medication, must be in the properly labeled pharmacy container or purchased container if an over-the-counter medication.

  • The parent/guardian must provide the district with written permission to administer prescription or over-the-counter medication before the district will administer medication to the student.

  • Medications will only be administered according the doctor’s prescription order or in accordance with the manufacturer’s label, if over-the-counter.

  • All medication should be delivered to the school nurse by the parent or responsible adult and must be picked up by an adult.

  • For safety reasons, students should not transport medications to and from school.