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State of Missouri (Rep. Lynn Morris) Unanswered Questions

1.  It costs Christian County taxpayers over million dollars a year to house State prisoners in Christian County jail. Please address.

I am not sure where the million dollar price tag comes from. According to the Presiding County Commissioner Ray Weter and the Christian County Treasurer, the state has paid Christian County $353,230 with the state still owing $202,042 as of November 9th. The legislature appropriated 40 million to be paid out over 12 months with $10 million paid each quarter. The state has run out of money. I am working with state officials and I am proposing that the state pay out 12 million each quarter for a total of 48 million. This will be a hard sell as we are 500 million short last year and experts are predicting we will be short again this year on our state budget. The Federal government pays more per inmate than it costs to house them and that could be one of the many reasons they are trillion in debt. 


2.  With a stated desire to engage with diverse points of view, how do we promote opportunities for increased diversity in our community?

The opportunities come with a change in attitude. All sides need to have a different mindset. I believe in listening to all sides and I mean really listening. I also believe in compromise, respect, civility and a real desire to solve the issues at hand. When things get too political, progress breaks down. Finally, I do believe that everyone needs to respect our flag, anthem otherwise the culture of our country will fade and our country will fail.


3.  How is the school district, state resources and other community entities addressing the rising mental health concerns among our students?

The rising mental health issues are a real issue in our daily lives-whether it be at home, work or school. We are seeing a growing number of very disturbing incidents. For the state’s part-we funded the school formula 100% last year. We have also spent more each year the first four years on mental health that I have been in office. Never before have we spent this much and it is still not enough. There are so many factors contributing to this serious issue. I can’t speak for the schools except that I do know that they also have many programs in place.


4.  Currently, a single disabled adult can only have $999 in resources to qualify for Medicare. If Medicare is cut, how will they get care?

I believe you must be talking about state Medicaid not Federal Medicare. On this question I would prefer to talk to the person individually as this is a personal issue. It is very complicated and there may be factors that can help a person qualify. Please call my Ozark office at 417-581-4335.