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Christian County Unanswered Questions

From Hosea Bileyu, western commissioner 


With a stated desire to engage with diverse points of view, how do we promote opportunities for increased diversity in our community? 

The key here is found in the word engage. In every aspect of our lives, including our governmental structures and activities, we should actively seek to engage in civil discourse with one another, even (especially) when we disagree. It should be noted that engagement is not agreement. A quote of uncertain origin (Voltaire? Evelyn Beatrice Hall?) speaks to this: “I don’t agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” 



Can the County handle the lettered highways if the State turns them over to counties without any funding?

This is the easy one. The County most certainly cannot take over roads that are now maintained by MODOT without a great increase in funding - for equipment, supplies, additional shop facilities, and personnel.


What are county crime rates looking like? Small crime, major crime, white-collar and cyber crime?

The Sheriff provided the crime statistics in the PDFs below: