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City of Nixa Unanswered Questions

Q: You mentioned bringing new jobs, are you looking at ways to increase small business development similar to the push in Springfield to support small businesses?

A: When we talk about economic development, that includes small business development. Our involvement in the Christian County Business Development Corporation will enable the hiring of a county economic developer whose duties will include finding ways to support small business development across the county. The City of Nixa is also considering hiring a dedicated economic developer for our city specifically, who can further assist the development of businesses in Nixa. Our City Clerk is also now serving as a business concierge – meaning she is the contact person for businesses seeking assistance. We believe this provides a simplified customer service experience for local businesses as they deal with the city. We have also developed a packet of information which provides entrepreneurs with the guidance they’ll need to navigate the permit processes to get their new business up and running in Nixa. You can pick one up at City Hall or see the packet on our website at: We have asked commercial realtors and the Chamber of Commerce to share this packet with all new businesses and prospective entrepreneurs. The city is also investigating the possibility of initiating a business incubator which would play a direct role in connecting entrepreneurs with talent and expertise they need to develop new businesses.



Q: With a stated desire to engage with diverse points of view, how do we promote opportunities for increased diversity in our community?

A: The first step to engagement with the city is understanding what is going on. We share information over social media, the city website, our email newsletters, and meetings such as The Update at the Nixa Senior Center, hoping that being informed will encourage people from across the community to be more engaged and involved. We encourage any citizen to attend council meetings, P&Z meetings, to get involved in other community organizations from the Chamber of Commerce, to the School District, to the Downtown Revitalization Committee. There are many opportunities to be involved, make your voice heard, volunteer your time, and make an impact on the direction of our community. At City Council, we keep an open mind and are ready to hear the concerns of all our residents, including diverse opinions, and consider any potential solutions.



Q: Will the city be able to maintain services to the standard we are accustomed to with the amount of residential development?

A: Not without additional revenue. New rooftops do not provide enough additional revenue to the city government to cover the costs for those new homes when it comes to the additional infrastructure they require (stormwater management, streets, sidewalks) and services the growing population will require (police officers, building inspectors, utility meter readers, etc.). We need additional commercial development and places of work to grow along with the new housing in order for our economy to remain balanced. The city is already considering potential revenue streams which could make up for the leveling-off of sales tax revenue and loss of franchise fees.



Q: What are City crime rates looking like? Small crime, major crime, white-collar and cyber-crime?

A: Overall, crime remains relatively low in our community, which is especially good news considering our calls for service have increased significantly in 2017 over 2016. Nixa’s UCR data can be viewed at the Missouri State Highway Patrol website:


A little background first on crime stats: Nixa Police still report on the FBI’s uniform crime report (UCR) based system in which only the highest offense is reported from an incident in which multiple crimes may have been committed (a DWI, speeding and manslaughter incident would only be reported as a manslaughter, meaning the incident would not be counted as a DWI incident, nor would it be counted as an instance of speeding). In the next couple of years, Nixa PD aims to transfer to the NIBRS incident-based reporting system which will track each offense in an incident.


The UCR reports show main offense classifications (known as Part I crimes) divided into two categories, violent crimes and property crimes. Violent crimes include: criminial homicide, negligent manslaughter, rape, attempted rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. Property crimes include: burglary, larceny theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson.

Keep in mind, if a crime is not reported to police during that year, it is not included.


In 2016, Nixa had a total of 21 violent crimes and 330 property crimes. 0 criminal homicide, 0 negligent manslaughter, 5 rapes, 0 attempted rape, 1 robbery, and 15 aggravated assaults. There were 38 burglaries, 271 larceny thefts, 20 motor vehicle thefts, and 1 arson.


As of the end of September 2017, this year we have had 17 violent crimes and 249 property crimes. 0 criminal homicide, 0 negligent manslaughter, 7 rapes, 0 attempted rape, 4 robberies, 6 aggravated assaults. There have been 28 burglaries, 198 larceny thefts, 23 motor vehicle thefts, 0 arson.


Nixa Police do not have any officers working cyber-crime. The department receives assistance in investigating such allegations through a regional Internet Crimes Taskforce or the FBI. The UCR does not track cyber-crime or white-collar crime as separate categories.

Another way to compare crime year to year is by seeing the monthly police statistics report submitted to council for the second council meeting each month. These reports compare our statistics year-to-date to the previous year.


Statistical category

Jan-Sept 2016

Jan-Sept 2017




Motor vehicle accidents



Dispatch calls for service



Unit calls (call for service initiated by officer, such as a traffic stop)












Misdemeanor charges



Felony charges



DWI charges




As you can see in this table comparing Jan-Sept 2017 to Jan-Sept 2016, our enforcement has increased across the board, from calls of service, to reports written, arrests, and charges. This increased enforcement shows we are doing our best to be more active as the population grows and generates more calls for service. The fact that our Part I UCR stats have not spiked year-to-year shows the extra arrests, tickets, and charges are working to prevent a significant increase in the Part I UCR crimes.




Q: City of Nixa How do you plan on partnering with other entities to develop a stronger and higher economic growth?

A: In 2018 the city will be partnering more actively with the Springfield Job Center to find ways we can further promote workforce development. Workforce development seems to be one of the key concerns we hear about from businesses considering a move to Nixa and existing businesses here. Communicating the quality of the workforce available here is also key to attracting job creators. We will continue to partner with and financially support the CCBDC for county economic development, the Springfield Regional Economic Partnership (SREP), and the Nixa Area Chamber of Commerce. These organizations play key roles in supporting economic growth in our area.



Q: Any updates on transportation improvements between Nixa and Springfield?

A: MoDOT and the City of Nixa will cost share improvements on 160 at both the Tracker and Northview intersections in 2019. The cost of improving the Nicholas Rd corridor connection to the Kansas Expressway corridor southward expansion has, so far, prevented MoDOT and the county from moving forward on a parallel connection west of 160. MoDOT improvements to Highway 14 through Nixa will begin in 2019 and this will improve the route to the eastern side of Springfield via Highway 65.


Q: What is going on with the old Ruby Tuesday’s building?

A: We don’t know for sure yet. As of Nov. 6, a sign on the property shows both “under contract” and “available”. No applications for permits have been submitted to the planning and development department. Even when we receive and approve permits for a new business moving to town, we may not be able to immediately announce which business will be moving in. We allow the business to publicly announce their move first, when they are ready.